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Hello world!

Welcome to the blog for Infinite Zenith, which is from this point, known as the Infinite Mirai. My decision to create another blog stems from the fact that there are a variety of topics that I may wish to discuss off-site, off-topic on SoftFalcon and too lengthy for Facebook. Here, I will mostly be posting my thoughts on various things, and of course, take advantage of the iPad’s app for posting. I’ve had several attempts to create a blog that I would update regularly, but none of those attempts lasted more than a month: this appears to be the cutoff point in the sense that if the blog lasts a month, it’s likely hear to stay. For the next while, I’ll draft out some entries, and hopefully get some useful content up. I’ll focus on a more diverse range of topics, including anime, gaming, food, programming, technology and medicine, contrasting my website or the SoftFalcon, which is predominantly more oriented towards just gaming and anime reviews. In addition, I’ll likely give the site’s UI overhauls every so often until I settle on a design that suits the site. Until next time, happy reading!

  • So begins my journey into WordPress. Let’s see where this goes.

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