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K-ON! The Movie

In the final moments of the second season, the five female members of Sakuragaoka High School’s light music club were planning a graduate trip but haven’t decided where to go. The movie will see the end-results of this effort; this story follows them to London. Three new songs have also been confirmed: the opening theme song “Ichiban Ippai,” the theme song “Unmei♪wa♪Endless!,” and the ending theme song “Singing” — will be in the film.

This curious combination brings to mind the Beatles, and observant viewers will have noted that London, was, in fact, Mio’s suggestion. The DVD and Blu-Ray releases won’t reach the rest of the world for a while, but this will be an interesting continutation of the story that I will most certainly be following: there exist the possibility that I might watch this as a stress-relief measure prior to my MCAT exam in August 2012. The theatrical film for K-On! is set to premier on December 3, 2011 across 130 theatres in Japan.

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