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Apple Wireless Keyboard

It costs a cool 69 dollars, but Apple’s shiny Aluminium Keyboard is a powerful asset for owners of an iPad who use the device for a more than a media consumption device. Sleek, slim and efficient, the keyboard requires one fewer battery than the previous generation of keyboards and is highly ergonomic. I had picked one up myself back in August…what have I been using the keyboard for thus far? For obvious functions like light word processing (paired with iOS Pages, this is especially useful for those who have many papers to write), Instant Messaging and doing light web-browsing functions. The wireless keyboard makes the iPad one step closer to being a suitable alternative for a laptop; now capable of efficient word processing and instant messaging, the only thing missing is the ability to edit and compile code from C++ and Java.

I’m going to take in this moment…my keyboard is one generation above the same one Danny Choo uses ^.^ I mainly use the iPad as quick access to academic papers and for minor edits to paper drafts, whereas my Windows machine takes the brunt of the workload when it comes to longer papers, literature search, software and web development, and gaming in general. The iPad acts as a device that can be fielded for rapid use, while the Desktop is a main machine that is slower to deploy but has more power.

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