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HG Unicorn Gundam Reflection

Having just completed watching “The Bottom of the Gravity Well”, I am compelled to look back on the nature of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, and how fitting that it is named after the ‘beast of possibility’. Indeed, having seen what the Unicorn represents, I decided that it would be another unit I would be pleased to add to my existing collection. Contrasting the 00 Raiser and 00 Qan[T] (I’ll talk about the former in a later post), the Unicorn is a very clean, pure white Mobile Suit, compared to the blues and red found on more traditional lead Gundams. I made my purchase on the day of Otafest in May 2011; having decided against attending, the funds that I had initially accumulated were suddenly freed, and I found myself in the possesion of the HG Unicorn Destroy Mode with the 1/48 Head-display-base. However, as I was quite busy with my first simulation for my summer research, I did not actually build the kit itself until the last Sunday in July. The end result is one awesome Gundam with a display base that is supposedly sold only in Japan and America.

  • The Unicorn is reasonably articulated for a model of its design, while nowhere near as flexible as something like the 00 Raiser, the unit does allow for a moderate range of poses to be done. I was ultimately very impressed with its engineering, especially with respect to the omnipresence of the physco-frame, which is present on every region of the model. People have likened the unit’s colour scheme to a strawberry sundae.

  • It is actually somewhat of a challenge for me to tell the MG and HG Unicorn models just from an image, attesting to how well done the HG models are. While the Destroy Mode kit lacks the blades to the beam sabres and does not have the Hyper Bazooka, it nonetheless comes equipped with its signature weapon, the beam magnum. For good measure, a spare pack of E-caps were also included and ultimately gives the completed Unicorn a sense of preparedness for combat.

As an HG kit, the Unicorn Destroy Mode was completed over the course of an afternoon, and I assembled the base the next day. The HG Unicorn is essentially a 1/144 kit with the level of detail found in maybe a Master Grade 1/100 kit. This in itself is impressive, considering the smaller size of the Unicorn, and while it goes require some painting to get all of the details, it nonetheless looks highly impressive following a simple assembly. Whether it be the details in the model or the way the parts are engineered, it is apparent that effort went into designing the model.

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