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Mirai Clock 3

There are some apps that are downright useful, awesome or amusing. Danny Choo’s Mirai Clock 3 for iOS happens to be amusing, with the potential of being useful and awesome. As it stands now, it is simply a clock, although Danny Choo hopes to implement some additional functions, including giving a voice to Mirai such that she is able to speak and for additional measure, some additional costumes. In this current build, Mirai is interactive to some extent, smiling if you pat her on the head.

  • These full-screen clocks really exemplify how awesome having the iPad as a time piece is, and serves as a clock for me when I’m coding.

Having just completed an introductory Japanese course, the clock makes a lot more sense to me, and I do look forward to these updates, assuming they are real, of course. The main caveat about this version is that there is no support for landscape mode, making it a little unwieldy on the iPad. Other than that, the Mirai Clock 3 serves as an entertaining application. It is free in the iTunes app store.

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