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Winter 2012 Anime

Winter 2012 has a diverse offering of anime (a total of 23) in terms of number and genre. Owing to my schedule, I will probably keep to two series: Amagami SS+ and Rinne no Lagrange. These two series seem to be the most fitting for my interests, and as with much of the shows I’ve followed lately, are expected to be around 12 episodes long. I’ve personally found that that 12-13 episode long series are able to condense a lot of good story and design into the show, while ensuring a certain degree of autonomy (that is, I don’t need to go out and watch hundreds of previous episodes to understand what is going on). I mentioned previously that I will be watching two series:

  • Amagami SS+ : Despite missing the opportunity to watch the first season, the premise offered by this anime appears interesting and represents a departure from the typical slice-of-life series that I watch.
  • Rinne no Lagrange : Mecha and aliens are involved. This one should be interesting.

Several other shows may catch my interests, and similarly, I may drop shows at the drop of a hat. Shows that I watch to completion and thoroughly enjoy will be given a full, proper review at the main website.

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