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Sim City 4 Stage Caps

Stage Caps are a new concept introduced in SC4 that attempts to make the simulator more realistic. It will not allow medium and high density buildings of a certain zone and wealth type to be built until a certain population of that zone is reached.

In other words, until your residential or commercial office population (of a certain wealth class) reaches 1,114; you will see no medium density developments. Likewise, you will need to achieve a population of 25,952 before any high density buildings are constructed.

Commercial service developers will first build medium density buildings at a commercial service population (of, again, a certain wealth level) of 1,114 jobs, and high density buildings will be constructed at a commercial service job population of 15,356.

Industry will build high density buildings at a job population of 2,447. These figures are from the official strategy guide; the entire regional population (for the specific developer type) applies to these stage caps.

Hence, if you want to see high-density high-wealth residential developments, you will need a high-wealth residential population (not a global residential population) of 25,952 citizens.

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