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HG 00 Raiser+GN Sword III Reflection

My original curiosity about constructing a model kit originated from a friend who was quite into Gundam, wherein I had asked how the flat plates and pieces in the box could be built into something. His response was simple: this lay in the magic of constructing a model, and the associated experience. With this in consideration, I decided that I would try my hand at building a model kit, and thus, settled on buying either Exia R2 or 00 Raiser.  Thus, on Christmas Eve, I entered the world of Gunpla when I acquired the HG 00 Raiser with the GN Sword III, and completed the model the next day.

  • As a standalone, neither 00 Gundam nor 0 Raiser are worth purchasing, but in a single package costing around 2000 yen (around 30 dollars at most Canadian model kit stores), this changes everything. The fact that this model comes with the GN Sword III only furthers its value: the previous 00 Raiser came with the GN Sword IIs only, and given those are included in this model, it rather painfully defeats the purpose of the previous model.

  • The 00 Raiser spoiled me with its included stand: I was surprised that most kits do not come with a stand, making aerial poses impossible. As shown by previous entries, I have built several other models since then.

This HG 00 Raiser is awesome, including (to the chargin of many collectors) the GN sword III. Following its completion, I noted the exceptional articulation on the model; this is the most posable kit I have (even beating out the MG 00 Qan[T] in terms of flexibility). Of course, it’s been just a little more than two years since I built it, so I don’t really have much to review about the kit’s various aspects, but this was the kit that has the coveted position of “first Gundam ever built”. Did I mention it has the superbly-awesome GN Sword III?

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