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Happy Birthday, Mio-tan!

Mio Akiyama’s birthday falls on the 15th of January, as per the manga. It is January 15 local time. So…for my own amusement (and possibly yours), I’ve decided to make a short post. Scroll down to the bottom, past the pictures, to really get a good laugh out of this.

Two summers ago, I was reading Alan Weisman’s “The World Without Us”. I may eventually start discussing the contents of books I read (hint of future entries?), but for the present, I was reminded of this particular volume when I came across some ‘interesting’ posts about individuals who have a (to put this respectfully) vast collection of K-On gear and celebrate Mio’s birthday in a similar manner to real birthdays.

Anime merchandise without the Otaku

A lot of anime merchandise, especially the character figurines, are made of PVC plastics. These plastics do not degrade naturally, and there aren’t any prokaryotes in existence that can break them down. As such, things made from PVCs would last much longer than paper (used in posters) or metal (such as those making up keychains). The posters in the individual’s room might last a year, but a room with no heating and cooling would soon crumble and expose papers to the elements, if they hadn’t already decomposed. Stainless steel keychains might last a few hundred years longer.

Assuming micro-organisms do not evolve the mechanisms to break down plastics before the future archaeologists arrive, the latter would doubtlessly find massive collections of Mio Akiyama figurines buried under the desert sands and wonder if she was some sort of deity in 21st-century humanity. If so, I hope they won’t think too poorly of us.

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