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Mirai Millennium Opening

Back in September, 2011, Danny Choo unveiled the new OP sequence for the second season of Culture Japan. The design is reminescient of a high-school science fiction series and is set to the upbeat “Sukirai”, sung in-story by Mirai Suenaga, the mascot at Culture Japan. I personally enjoyed the opening greatly; Danny Choo has hinted vaguely that Mirai Millennium might be made into an anime, much to the surprise of viewers. Only time will tell, of course, but for now, here are some screenshots from the video, courtesy of Culture Japan.

If Mirai Millennium is ever produced into an anime, I will be guaranteed to follow it: from this opening alone, the anime will be set in a unique setting and will integrate mecha with slice-of-life elements. Now: given that mecha and slice-of-life anime form the basis of nearly half the content at my website, it should be quite clear that I enjoy these genre.

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