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Tablet Edition Infinite Mirai

I don’t know how many of our readers take in this blog through a tablet, such as the iPad. On my end, I had enabled OnSwipe’s sleek UI since the blog began. This is a feature that was automatically integrated into the blog, and produces a blog that very easy to read on a mobile device. A user has the option of switching back to the main layout whenever they choose. Below are several examples of what the blog looks like from an iOS 5.0 Safari browser.

Sample Main Page

The controls are intuitive: swipe left to reveal the next page, and swipe right to flip to the previous page. Tap an entry to expand it (it reveals the entry as per the image below). Note how the UI looks like a slicker, more minimalist version of the UI found at Danny Choo’s blog!

Sample Blog Entry

If the blog owner has enabled it, it is possible to share the blog entry in social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Comments can also be added if the owner enables it. OnSwipe is simple, sweet and elegant; most blogs out there have it enabled: in fact,  it becomes very easy to tell if a blog is fuelled by WordPress or not.

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