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The Kritzkrieg

The Kritzkrieg is superficially similar to the Medi-gun in basic function, rapidly restoring the health of a friendly player and overhealing them to 150% of their base health. However, the Kritzkrieg has one fundamental difference from the basic Medi-gun with respect to the function of its ÜberCharge: instead of granting invincibility, it ensures that a weapon will deal critical damage while the ÜberCharge is active. Furthermore, the Kritzkrieg’s ÜberCharge bar fills 25% faster than that of the Medi-gun, and a taunt with the Kritzkrieg restores 11 health through the Oktoberfest taunt.

Whereas the Medi-gun is useful for offensive pushes (especially against positions defended by sentries), the Kritzkrieg allows a skilled recipient to decimate enemy groups with relative ease. The most suited classes for recieving a critical boost are the Soldier, the Demoman, and the Heavy, as their weapons allow massive damage to be dealt over a large area. The firepower from an ÜberCharged player can be used to efficiently clear an objective, but recal that critical shots do not affect sentries. Furthermore, a critical weapon remains useless against an enemy under the effects of a standard ÜberCharge. To counteract this, capitalise on the faster charge time of a Kritzkrieg ÜberCharge and strike the enemy before they have the opportunity to deploy their ÜberCharge.

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