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The Machina

This is my first post about Team Fortress 2, and as such, leaves a lot to the imagination as to what I might discuss here. I’ll cut straight to the chase and say that my ‘tips’ will largely concern weapons choice and what I’ve found to be the most effective means of wielding that particular weapon is. Today, we’ll begin with discussion of the Machina Sniper Rifle, a sleek, futuristic rifle modelled after the Longsword 202 ERASER from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It was distributed as a promotional item in genuine quality to anyone who preordered Deus Ex, although it can be crafted and acquired through the drop system.

The Machina can only fire while a user is scoped, and emits sparks when attempts to fire it are made while the user is un-scoped. The rifle does 50 points of damage when uncharged and 150 points of damage when charged if the shot lands on the body, while a headshot will yield 150 points of damage when uncharged, and 518 points of damage when charged. The rifle has a firing rate of 40 rounds per minute, and requires 3.3 seconds to fully charge.

The unique attributes of the Machina make it most useful as a long range defensive weapon in games like KOTH, Control Points and when defending against another team in Payload. This arises from the fact that a fully charged round from the Machina will pierce and eliminate multiple enemies. Thus, if a group of people are clustered together, a single shot is likely all that is needed to defend an objective.

The main drawback to the Machina is that it fires tracer rounds that give away a sniper’s position to the enemy, and cannot fire while unscoped. As countermeasures, a sniper wielding a Machina should have several sniping locations in mind, and wield the SMG as a close-quarters weapon.

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