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Neighbour Connections

Sim City 4 introduces the concept of urban development on a regional level, rather than that of an individual city, and as such allows for both resources and demand to be shared with neighbouring cities. However, this process is a little more challenging than it initially appears offers a new and exciting experience. For instance, cities can be planned to consist entirely of residential and commercial districts, with neighbouring cities acting as industrial parks. The basics are simple: for demand to be shared, the most effective way is to start a city from the edge, where it allows citizens to easily travel between the two cities.

The neighbour deals mechanism has been modified from that of its predecessor: the mayor must take the initiative to initialise them. This can be done in the budget menu; once the neighbour deals is selected, if the proper connections are made, resources can be sent between cities. It is imperative for appropriate connections to exist between cities: for commutes, roads, avenues, highways and mass transit options are required. Roads also permit refuse deals to be made if the proper disposal facilities exist in the neighbouring cities. Power deals can be made only through power line connections, and simiarly, water deals can only be made if water mains link the two cities. For instance, if City A has sufficient water and water mains conntected to City B, then B can buy water off A. When one returns to City A, a small income is generated by the sales of water.

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