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Planning Discussion!

Azusa finds the light music club’s attempted recruitment video from before she joined the club, which was so embarrassing that Mio hid it in a cookie can. In order to recruit some new members for the next year, the girls try to come up with pitches for a new recruitment video, but to no avail. After talking with Ui and Jun, Azusa comes up with the idea of filming a documentary of their activities, intersected with interviews from fellow students and staff. The video turns out great, besides one scene at the end which Azusa is not too keen on.

  • The original recruitment video was hidden in a cookie tin and sealed by Mio. However, Azusa’s curiosity dug too deep; you know what she released in the depths of that cookie tin…shadow and flame.

  • Contrasting the more creative and dramatic ideas of the others, Azusa wishes to keep the recruitment video more sensible and realistic. Both Jun and Ui end up joining the Light music club when the others graduate.

  • The guitars are rendered spectacularly. I watched the first season in DVD quality, and the second season in Blu-Ray quality. There’s actually quite a difference in how sharp everything is, making the latter worthwhile simply for quality.

  • Minimalism is generally a good thing in my opinions. It applies to architecture, and it certainly applies to design of things, whether they are websites or video. Part of what makes the recruitment video so heart-warming is its simplicity and how it is able to convey the thoughts of its members without resorting to flashier effects.

This episode goes back to the good old days of the humble beginnings of the light music club, and its half-hearted recruitment video, as well as shedding some light on Azusa’s side of the story. Azusa has hitherto expressed little doubts and fear with respect to her future, especially in the face of all of her senior friends graduating, and now, it becomes apparent as to why this is the case. with all the support her friends have given her, she remains collected until the enormity of Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Mugi’s graduation strike her in the finale. The development of a “serious” recruitment video is a reflective piece about what it means to really be a member of the Light Music club. This is apparent in the planning stages, which considered wild elements taking after the big-screen Hollywood films, mysteries, and even Death Note, but even more so in the end product, which simply depicts the daily activities of the club, alongside people’s various thoughts on said club. With some intense editing by Yamanaka-sensei, the completed recruitment video we are treated to exemplifies the Light Music club’s dynamics and atmosphere, capturing a sense of belonging that the girls share.

  • The underlying principles of K-On relate more strongly to my personal experiences at the ESD lab, rather than anything I participated in during my days as a high school student. When K-On! was first released, I was nearing the end of my days as a high school student, and my interests did not encompass genres like K-On!.

  • I would argue that an open mind is essential to enjoying anime; when I entered my undergraduate program, I also found myself feeling the stresses of the program I was enrolled in, and eventually returned to anime as a means of relieving that stress. Anime, then, is a hobby, and little more. I review things mainly because I enjoy writing (much as I do anime), and as such, I hardly ever post scathing reviews of something.

  • If memory serves correctly, I think Yui makes this face at some point, too.

  • Azusa nonetheless feels embarrassed by the new recruitment video and wishes to conceal it within the confines of the cookie tin, despite the overwhelmingly positive thoughts the video evokes from everyone else.

  • Like all things in life, K-On! is best taken in moderation. That is, it is fine to watch something, talk about it on occasion and collect some K-On! related stuff. If you come across a website of some guy with excessive anime gear, your best bet is to hit the “back” key, flush your browser’s cache, clear its history and quit the browser.

The other OVA I have yet to check out will involve a visit to Yamanaka-sensei’s home. Given I procrastinate on my hobbies, only time will tell as to how quickly I get that review out.

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