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K-On! Figurines

Figurines of anime characters are a popular market in Japan, and some characters with a sufficient level of popularity are imported overseas to foreign sellers. There are several types of figures. Anime figurines sharply contrast Gundam models, with the former requiring a minimal amount of construction and thus, being decidedly a lot less fun to purchase: with Gundam models, half the joy results from putting together parts that form something cool and admiring the engineering all the way through.

Figma (フィグマ) are Japanese action figures produced by Max Factory and distributed by Good Smile Company. A large number of the figures are available with various accessories, such as exchangeable faces.  Nendoroids (ねんどろいど) are small figures produced by the Good Smile Company. About half the size of regular sized figures, they depict popular anime characters in a super-deformed or chibi style. Their faces and body parts are movable and interchangeable, giving them a range of different expressions, postures and items to hold.

Personally, I find figurines to be a touch expensive, with the K-On! ones retailing for anywhere from 30 to 110 Canadian dollars, considerably more than high grade model kits and rivalling the cost of most Master Grade Gundam models. With that in mind, the figurines themselves are nicely crafted

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