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London 2012

Since the release of the K-On! Movie, multiple fans have already visited London with the goal of revisiting all of the locations that the girls in K-On visited during their trip to London, including Abbey Road crossing, along with several more mundane locations. Despite all this attention, the City of London is most likely to respectfully decline any requests to adopt K-On! themed merchandise and marketing for the upcoming 2012 Olympics.

However, the Troubadour Café’s owner Susie Thornhill has placed a promotional poster in its front window after a party of Japanese tourists visited the café, took pictures of the locale and then gave her the poster. Thornhill said that while she was unaware of what the image was promoting, she was very pleased to receive the picture.

Another fan of K-On! has already visited London and put multiple images on the internet of his journey. He is known online as Kamille Biden, and his “pilgrimage” to London has attained a nearly mythical status amongst the anime community. Doubtlessly, citizens of the Greater London region will be surprised to see people carrying K-On! gear around and photographing everything in sight. Whether or not this will boost Japanese attendance of the 2012 Olympics remains to be seen.

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