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Chopper 2 for iOS

Chopper 2 is the sequal to Chopper, a side-scrolling helicopter game centered around retrieving civilians, while simutaneously decimating enemy forces to keep the airspace secure. It’s a simple concept that is immensely amusing in practise, and of course, its successor builds upon the most enjoyable elements of the original Chopper by adding exceptional graphics and an intuitive control scheme.

One of the most unique aspects about Chopper 2 is the ability to remotely use a fourth generation iPod Touch or iPhone to control another game on an iPad or desktop machine over wireless or BlueTooth. Coupled with 1080p output to an external display, it becomes possible to play the game as if it were a console game.

Despite having bought the game back in June 2011, I actually have not beaten it yet. There are 12 missions (and 3 difficulties) for a total of 36 missions. Each mission will have a unique objective, requiring the player to pick up civilians, escort convoys, annihilate enemy positions and drop soldiers into position. Players have access to the same array of weapons as they did in Chopper: gravity bombs, unguided rockets and my personal favourite, a directional auto-cannon that is aimed by finger swiping.

The original Chopper was a classic: I spent hours playing it in 2005 when it was first released and loved the concept. Chopper 2 takes that concept and brings it up to speed with modern games. On iOS, it is engaging and simple, making it one of the best games out there. The price should be no concern: the iOS version of Chopper 2 costs just as much as the classic ($2.99).

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