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Nodoka arrives in the clubroom with a sample of the graduation yearbook. The yearbook needs to be checked by Sawako, who is sick with a cold. Curious about what her apartment looks like, the girls decide to pay her a visit. While looking through the album, they find a mysterious hand in the group photo, which turns out to be Ritsu’s. Despite Sawako’s objection, the girls decide to help her out around the apartment. They briefly visit Azusa, who is busy rehearsing for her freshman reception with Ui and Jun.

  • Yui mimics a hadoken with her new-found skills at floating an orange.

  • Azusa with the classic “anime pouty face” after learning she was deceived about what really happened to Yamanaka sensei. By all standards, that was not exactly nice, but it does lend itself to humour; consider that even Mio is in on the festivities.

  • By the second season, Mio’s reactions to her fears have been more reasonable compared to those of the first season. Yui, on the other hand, remains just as irresponsible and forgetful in their senior year, but the manga reveals that she has begun to mature, as well.

  • In my high school days, I fondly recall people talking left and right about how pro the yearbook was, and then thinking to myself “I had a hand in its design!”. I usually don’t photograph well, but the graduation photographers are professional, and I recall some rather amusing reactions from my classmates (especially in biology) about the resulting photographs.

  • Just so we’re clear, there are no ghosts in K-On!! Ritsu practically admits to placing her hand on Yui’s shoulder. The hand can be seen, albeit in lower resolution, in the actual class picture itself.

At the very least, I got this discussion out before the month was out. Visit is the second OVA episode of K-On!!, occuring in the intermediate time before graduation but after their acceptance into the same university. Aside from being a throwback to the classical antics of the girls, this is where the announcement for the movie was first made. The episode itself focuses on the girls’ visit to Yamanaka sensei’s residence, with the aim of delivering and overviewing a yearbook and ultimately, reminding me of the days when I was a yearbook layout designer and photographer for my high school. I recall spending many Tuesday evenings hanging out at the library with the yearbook team and designing the school’s yearbook from scratch using software. However, as the year wore on, we found ourselves increasingly short on staff, and I ended up being the only member left on the team by March for each of the three years I was assisting (that is, student member: my instructors were there, of course). Of course, through alchemy, we were always able to assemble awesome yearbooks. However, that’s enough of my personal trip down memory lane; it really attests to how effective the storytelling technique is in K-On! in the sense that they are able to bring out particular high school memories vividly in my mind. This is perhaps the part of K-On! that I enjoy the most; with its focus on seemingly trivial, everyday events, the show reminds me that the small things in life can oftentimes be just as meaningful as the more grandose things, such as watching a sunset with my buddies.

  • This sunset is rendered well enough to give rise to a feeling that it is a crisp, cool evening rather than a warm, languid one seen during the summer.

  • When I mentioned ‘sharing a sunset’ with buddies, I refer to the gathering my PI hosted during the summer. Long after the sun set, and the night arrived on the mountains, we discussed the future of computational technology and the LINDSAY Virtual human over a cup of coffee.

  • Mugi is running…at THREE TIMES the speed of the others! Listening to Azusa and company play their own take of Fuwa Fuwa Time is a reminder of how far Hokago Teatime has come since Yui first joined the club. That said, when Azusa assumes presidency of the club, the band obtains new members.

  • I remember the yearbook photographer giving us suggestions about how to take effective images. Of course, that depends on the powers of the cameras one possesses: dynamic poses are only possible if the camera has a high shutter-speed.

  • “I never fail”, said Mio. This image proves otherwise.

This last episode revealed the existence of the K-On! movie, and that was soon answered by the release of the aforementioned movie in December. The DVDs and Blu-rays will take a while to release, so I will be discussing that in great detail once the opportunity presents itself. That said, this is likely a distant event on the horizon; like books, I require at least two passes before I can form a solid opinion of it. It is insufficient to watch a movie in the theatre and then try to get a good review up for two reasons: firstly, a second viewing allows for more details to be taken in, and secondly, no one wants to read a text-only review. I provide high quality discussions with plenty of screenshots, and so, readers will have to have patience for its release. In the meantime, the manga is still running and definitely merits checking out.

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