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Rinne no Lagrange

Madoka Kyouno is an energetic girl who is full of passion. As the proud, and only, member of the Kamogawa Girls’ High School Jersey Club, she goes around helping people in need.  Madoka’s life is turned upside down when she is suddenly asked by a mysterious girl named Lan to pilot a robot. Motivated by her desire to protect the people and city of Kamogawa, Madoka agrees to pilot the resurrected Vox robot to fight against extraterrestrials that have come to attack Earth.

So reads the official description to the series. I’ve decided that I’m going to approach anime a different way: I’ll do a short preview of the series by looking at the first episode, and then deciding whether or not it captivates my attention. Well…the events of the first episode to Rinne no Lagrange proceed as follows… (takes deep breath).

Madoka Kyono rescues a girl from drowning and later finds her school uniform missing, only for it to be returned by a strange girl. Later that night, Madoka is questioned by her cousin, Yoko Nakaizumi, about something. The next day, Madoka once again meets the girl, who introduces herself as Lan and asks Madoka to pilot a robotic aircraft known as an Ovid at an offshore base. As Madoka touches the Ovid and experiences a flashback of sorts, an enemy Ovid from outer space, piloted by a man named Array, appears and attacks the base. Lan reveals herself to be an alien sent to protect Madoka and the Ovid, the two of which are linked together. Madoka agrees to pilot the Ovid, which responds to her emotions and changes into a robotic form to fight against Array, defeating him using Madoka’s knowledge of club activities.

  • When this anime first opens up, the scenery is awesome. The blues of the ocean and the greens of the land give the artwork an HDR-like quality. The opening also introduces us to Madoka Kyouno, a high school student who is the only member of her school’s “Jersey club”. She is very passionate about helping anyone who needs it, and to the amusement of half the viewers, says “maru” whenever she completes an objective.

  • This initially appears to be your regular high school anime. At the time of writing, I’ve long attained my high school diploma, and the events of high school are quite distant. Based on what I’ve seen thus far, I imagine Rinne no Lagrange will gradually shift from a slice-of-life into a mecha anime, complete with explosions and lasers.

  • Madoka’s personality means that she is willing to help anyone, including Lan, an alien who lacks understanding of human civilisation and was deployed to look after Madoka. It figures that aliens would be featured here, and I will look greatly forwards to delving into the series on the expectation that they’ll be different than the ELS or Neuroi. Madoka’s affinity with Vox Aura (a mobile suit) appears to be tied with her near drowning experience back in her childhood.

  • According to source materials, the transformable Vox mobile suits were designed by Nissan. The spectacular art is rendered by Production IG, the same geniuses who brought us Ghost in the Shell, Halo Legends and Real Drive.

  • This is no Zaku, boy, NO ZAKU! The German suplex executed here brings to mind Street Fighter II and the moves executed by Zangief, Guile and Vega. We’ve seen some of the antagonists, we’ve seen the protagonists: from this one episode, is Rinne no Lagrange worth watching?

Having had the opportunity to watch the first episode of Rinne no Lagrange, I can honestly say that this is perhaps the most interesting of the Winter 2012 anime, integrating some various aspect of Madoka’s life as a high school student and elements typical of a mecha series. The premise is very promising, and with the first episode animated with nearly Makoto Shinkai levels of colour and splendour, I would be inclined to follow this series.

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