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VLC and 10-bit support

A while back, I cited VLC as one of the best media players on the internet for all users alike, owing to its ability to play almost anything. Today, thanks to a shiny new update by VideoLan, VLC 2.0.1 surpasses any general purpose media player, although technically speaking, it’s a little heavier than its predecessors and occupies around 90 MB of space.  The updates give VLC improved performance on multi-core systems and the ability to decode and play back 10-bit files with no problems.  The GUI has also undergone some minor changes, although functionally speaking, it’s still the VLC we all know and love.

  • This is a test file from Underwater subs, a group known for their 10-bit only releases. Once VLC made this update, I immediately hit up Underwater and downloaded the first episode of Rinne no Lagrange to test it. It works, of course.

These new features make VLC the single most efficient and simplest media player on the market; all of those 10-bit anime releases out there are now easily accessible to all users, eliminating the need to download multiple codec packs and other media players. For those users of iOS devices, I believe that Nightly Handbrake is still good to have if the wish to watch a show on an iPad or iPhone arises.

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