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MetalStorm Wingman for iOS

The official description on the iTunes App Store gives MetalStorm: Wingman as a highly engaging combat simulator not unlike that of Ace Combat for iOS. Prima facie, this seems like an excellent idea. After all, the accelerometer built into iOS devices make it incredibly intuitive to control the world’s most advanced fighter jets. The touch screen is used to control the aircraft’s acceleration, braking and weapons, and with some swiping gestures, evasive manoeuvres can be effortlessly performed to evade enemy ordnance.

  • I remember grinding to get the 10000 credits required to get the F-113 Eagle, a superb weapons-oriented aircraft that is modelled after the SU-47X Berkut, an experimental forward-swept wing supersonic jet fighter fielded by Russia. Previously, I flew the stock F-7 Wraith (F-4 Phantom).

  • A fully upgraded Eagle has an impressive lock-on range, allowing for targets to be tracked and destroyed before they are aware of one’s position. While it is slower at missile reloading compared to the Hawken, the Eagle has a more impressive damage output overall; skilled pilots will have no trouble downing lesser adversaries, even if the latter has a superior aircraft. I fly with stock weapons because their supply is unlimited and get the job done well enough: in multiplayer matches, only players with coin-bought weapons stand a chance.

In the implementation context, MetalStorm: Wingman is immensely successful, offering a diverse range of gameplay that includes a short campaign, a survival mode and online multiplayer. The graphics are stunning and look worthy of a PlayStation game. In fact, the aircraft themselves are modelled off real-world jets. There is a diverse array of weapons and upgrades for the jets to improve their performance, giving players incentive to gain experience. Moreover, the game itself is free.

  • I was estatic when Z2Live announced an update that brought a campaign to MetalStorm Online (the previous version of the game). The campaign is focussed around the disappearance of the Dominus, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier captured by a rogue faction. The storyline is reminiscent of the one found in Ace Combat. I actually have yet to beat the game itself…

  • The update also brought to the table a significant update for the HUD: in the previous version, speed and altitude were completely absent, and the targeting reticule did not give any indicator of one’s orientation. The game now feels more like a proper combat simulator than ever before.

There are some limitations about MetalStorm: Wingman. Better aircraft and weapons are unlocked either by levelling or purchases using real-world currency. In the case of the former, it is necessary to grind to obtain enough credits to purchase a new aircraft unless one is willing to shell out a few dollars to get better gear. The game also requires a constant internet connection to play. However, these caveats are not so significant when the end product is a straightforward, free combat simulator that offers the opportunity to fly around in a cool jet and blow stuff up.

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