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The K-On! Movie will be screened at Toyosato School

On May 4 and May 5, the Viva City Cinema will shown the K-On! Movie at Toyosato Elementary School, which formed the inspiration (read “Sakuragaoka High School was ripped directly from its design) for the high school in K-On!  The screenings will occur from 1900 to 2100 JST (0400 to 0600 MST, for the curious party) on both days; there will be 450 seats at each time slot. The Sakura High Freshmen Welcome Party!! event will also be held at that location from 1200 to 1800 JST (that’s 2100 – 0300 MST).

  • Toyosato Elementary was originally to be demolished owing to its age, but largely in part owing to K-On!, the location has since become a popular tourist destination for local K-On! fans. Statistics estimate that 50000 fans visit the location each year.

The location itself appears quite significant with respect to the screening, and will doubtlessly draw large crowds (possibly exceeding the projected upper bound for the number of seats available for the screening). Speaking strictly from a marketing perspective, it is likely that the release date of the Blu-Ray/DVDs will likely be made here. While the probability for this is low, it is also possible for the Blu-rays/DVDs to release following this event…

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