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From the Culture Japan, a new clock application was released for iOS. While it may not feature Danny Choo’s Mascot, Mirai Suenaga, it does appear as the logical successor to the Mirai Clock 3 and offer numerous features that make it a highly useful clock. This awesome clock includes the capacity to read back the current time (in Japanese) when the screen is tapped and a built-in alarm. Moreover, there are four selectable characters (with a range of costumes and poses) and settings.

  • This is the general UI found in the application. The date is given in the upper left hand corner, while the clock itself is to the right. For good measure, a battery indicator is also included, and the ‘i’ on the lower right corner is used to change the options.

  • The graphics are optimised for the Retina display on the iPod and iPhone 4, so it should come as little surprise that this app looks spectacular.

  • There are a total of four characters that may be selected; each of these characters have a different voice when asked about the time and date.

  • Use of the app is intuitive: touch the time to get the time. Remember how in Mirai Clock 3, Mirai Suenaga responded to contact? This function carries over to DRACLOCK: different responses can be elicited by patting your character on the head or tapping their shoulders.

  • The character’s poses can be changed by swiping left or right. Costumes and characters can be changed by hitting the ‘i’.

  • The app is a winner for a few key reasons: it is simple to use and more importantly, it doesn’t crash.

It is compatible with the iPod Touch and iPhone; while I was disappointed that it was not compatible with the iPad, the clock nonetheless is a major improvement over the previous clocks that were released by Culture Japan. Thus, owing to the range of new functions, DRACLOCK makes a welcome replacement for the Mirai Clock on the iPod, despite requiring 118 MB of space to handle all the extra features.

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