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00 Gundam Seven Sword Presentation

As of late, the HG line of model kits are beginning to rival the MG line in terms of articulation and functionality, although the latter still win out in terms of detail. Every so often, I run into other Gunpla models that are exceptionally well-crafted and thus, merit mention. The Gundam today is the 00 Seven Sword, a variant of the 00 Gundam that gives it a different loadout compared to the traditional pair of GN Sword IIs, 00 Raiser and GN Sword III seen in the anime. Befitting its name, the 00 Gundam Seven Sword is armed with seven close combat weapons; the experimental GN Katars, the standarized GN Beam Sabers, the long and short GN Sword IIs, and the large GN Buster Sword.

  • Technically, this isn’t a HG model per say: this is the Robot Spirits version of the Seven Sword. The design of the Seven Sword 00 Gundam is a highly pleasing one, giving rise to a machine that appears fully-equipped and ready for combat operations. Aside from weapons, the 00 Seven Sword bears one more aesthetic difference compared to the standard 00 Gundam: the knees are blue rather than white.

  • While the original high grade has a brighter green clear parts for the katars and clear parts for the weapon scopes, the Robot Spirits version opted to go with a darker green. Unlike its HG and MG counterpart, the Robot Spirits version does not come with the GN Blaster II. The master grade itself uses a blue-green colour that looks fantastic.

The signature weapon of the 00 Seven Sword is the GN Buster Sword, a weapon that possesses nearly the same height as the Gundam itself. The GN Buster Sword is a massive weapon which serves multiple purposes: it was reverse engineered from the GNX-607T/AC GN-XII Sword by engineer Ian Vashti and is normally stored on the left GN Drive mount. Using the GN particles directly from the vernier, the GN Buster Sword can project a massive GN Field that can cover nearby allies. Despite the weapons system being highly optimised for Setunsa’s piloting style, the weapons configuration was unable to stablise the Twin-Drive system and ultumately, would be set aside in favour of the development of the separate support unit, the GNR-010 0 Raiser.

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