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The Infinite Mirai personal reflection: April 2012

It’s surprising, but my third undergraduate year has already come to a close already; yesterday evening, I had written the last of my exams, and while I’m hoping for the best, I find myself looking towards what lies ahead during this summer. For the time being, in the respite offered by the post-exam-pre-summer season, I think it’s time for me to relax a little and gear up for the unique three challenges that will compromise the period between May and August. Amongst these challenges will be the MCAT and trying to put out a publication about the LINDSAY project, both items relating very much to my personal life and is far removed from the objectives of this blog. Then again, this is probably for my own reflection more than anything; the idea of a reflection was introduced to me back during high school, but one of my courses required that all of our papers come with a reflection to denote some of the joys and challenges we encountered when preparing said paper. That course on cellular biology proved to be one of the most enjoyable courses I had the fortune to take.

  • Now that exams are done, and I have a week of time before research and summer courses begin, I’ll go make some updates to the blog. The first of the new directions for this blog is to make a new banner, and then finish the backlog of accumulated drafts that I seem to have amassed.

For papers, personal reflections were supposed to be succinct.  Therefore, this reflection will also be succinct. This blog was started in October 2011 to expand on some of the discussions pertinent to anime and gaming, but seemed more like news items or were out of place on my website. I said that the blog would stick around if I posted to it a month after I had started. It’s been just been over six months since my initial Hello World! post, and since then, I’ve brought in a handful of visitors looking for anime related news, and on occasion, people looking to overcome 10-bit media. Future directions for this blog will include more short-notice coverage of anime, more reviews of the various apps I’ve used for iOS and more gaming “pro-tips”. I also originally intended to discuss why I do not permit comments here: I imagine several readers have also wondered that. For me, it’s a matter of simplicity: I don’t have time to moderate all comments, and I doubt the traffic here is sufficient for comments. As such, only pages that are well-traversed and/or guides will be comments-enabled. As of today, these two pages are the Gundam Unicorn Episode 5 OST page and the How to Idle Page.

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