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K-ON Film Screenings at Anime’s Real-Life School Cancelled

This was certainly a surprise to receive in my RSS feed. In what Viva City Cinema cited only as “various circumstances”, the K-On! Movie will not be screened at Toyosato Elementary School as was originally scheduled for May 4 and 5.

  • For the time being, it looks like fans in general have drawn the short straw, as the release date of the Blu-rays and DVDs could potentially be pushed later than previously expected.

The original text reads as follows, apologising for the termination of said event:

来る5月4日・5日に予定しておりました「映画 けいおん!」豊郷上映会ですが、諸般の事情により、残念ながら中止させて頂くことになりました。

Speculation about the cancellation have ranged from the demolitions of the school to the venue’s size limiting its capacity to host such an event. The community reaction to the announcement has largely been non-existent: it is possible that very few people were aware of the event initially, accounting for why its cancellation has a correspondingly small response. Let us hope that it will remain that way…

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