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Mizuho, Tokyo: Home of CLANNAD

CLANNAD is another series by Kyoto Animation, so it hardly come as a surprise that much of the settings within the anime were based upon real-world locations. However, contrasting K-On! and Suzumiya Haruhi, which happen in a more well-defined location, CLANNAD was modelled after locations that are spread throughout Japan: they range from Osaka to the tip of Tohoku. That said, the town in CLANNAD appears to be modelled after Mizuho, a district in Tokyo.

Anime location Real-world equivalent

Strictly speaking, these “[Place in real world]:[Anime name]” posts are written for the sole purpose of providing an English-language, accessible, clean version of the original pages from the site I don’t quite understand why their text does not render on the Windows and Linux machines at the University and at home, even though the latter has Chinese and Japanese language packs installed. Conversely, since WordPress follows international standards, it’s a lot more straightforward for viewers from any corner of the planet to access and enjoy the content here.

Note: I’ll gradually hunt down and add more images once I’m finished the anime.

One response to “Mizuho, Tokyo: Home of CLANNAD

  1. rsc August 28, 2016 at 03:00

    I really want to go there 😦


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