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The Frontier Justice

The Frontier Justice is a large pump-action coach gun-style shotgun with a wooden stock and ornate engravings on the metal receiver, to which a team-colored cylindrical capacitor with an antenna is attached. While it cannot randomly deal critical hits and has half the shell capacity of the regular Shotgun, it deals “Revenge Crits”: for every kill acquired by the Engineer’s Sentry Gun, two Revenge Crits are stored, while an assist kill stores one. Upon the machine’s destruction (including destruction by PDA), the Frontier Justice is granted with all of the Revenge Crits to use as actual critical attacks. The Frontier Justice is only able to store up to 35 of these crits at one time, which is the maximum ammo the weapon can have; three shots stored in the magazine and 32 stored in reserve.

  • There are several conditions the revenge crits operate under. If the Engineer has not respawned when his Sentry Gun is destroyed, no Revenge Crits will be given to the Engineer. Furthermore, should the Engineer die, he will lose all Revenge Crits currently stored in the Frontier Justice; those still stored in the Sentry Gun will remain, however, until its own destruction.

  • The Revenge Crits are retained even when switching weapon and have unlimited duration until their use. If the Engineer has Revenge Crits and is crit-boosted from another source, firing the Frontier Justice will still spend the Revenge Crits.

The Frontier Justice is statistically identical to the Shotgun, save the magazine size. This factor makes it difficult to kill multiple enemies with revenge kills, so ideally, the revenge crits are saved for dispatching isolated enemies. It is most effectively paired with a sentry in a combat position, allowing one to get several kills before its destruction; when paired with the gunslinger and its mini-combat sentry, the weapons allow for a reasonable number of revenge crits to be accumulated. The faster build time of the mini-combat sentry makes it a great distraction against other players and may contribute to getting assists that translate to revenge crits.

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