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K-On! Movie to be released July 18

Ladies and gentlemen, hold the presses: this…just in. At 0828 local time, I received news that the K-On! movie will be released in the Blu-Ray/DVD format on July 18. This announcement was made in Yaraon magazine and, after nearly six months, finally provides a definitive time for when overseas individuals may finally access the content.

  • They have been waiting all this time. Time has stood still for them. However, time has begun to flow again, thanks to this single announcement.

I myself will be in the midst of studying for my MCAT exams on the release date: in fact, on July 18, I will be sitting down to take one of the verbal reasoning sessions. Based on assumption, it would take around a week or so for the English-subtitled versions to begin flowing. I’ll be approaching things slightly differently this time around. I will create a special pictures-only post here immediately after I get the movie, and then work towards a review afterwards.

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