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Killtacular refers to a medal obtained in Halo 2 by killing four opponents within four seconds of one another (i.e. four kills within a sixteen second timeframe with no more than four seconds between each kill). It is represented by a bronze circle with four green stars in the center.

Killtaculars were once the most coveted medal during Sunday Halo 2 LAN parties, when three Xboxes connected to a router hosted games for up to 12 players. We typically had a total of eight players: one of my friends was attempting to capture footage to use for a montage that would never materialise. I recall one event where we tried to stage a killtacular; while that was successful, he ultimately would not accumulate enough footage for the montage. Today, LAN parties are rare and are only held during the summer days when the schedule is less hectic. Since those early days, I’ve achieved several of my own killtaculars, presented here in their glory.

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