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Triple Kill!

The Triple Kill medal is awarded for killing 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other in Halo 2. The Triple Kill medal is grey with three green stars in the centre and is typically easier to attain than the killtacular, given that ammunition becomes depleted after the third consecutive kill, thus making it simple even for relatively new players to attain.

When I started out at Sunday afternoon LAN parties, we only had enough people for killtaculars to be possible. During that time, I did not have my own copy of Halo 2 and as such, was relatively inexperienced. However, I did get the occasional triple kill on occasion, usually by sheer luck with the battle rifle and grenades, although the sword also proved remarkably useful. In the case of the latter, my shields would be depleted by the completion of the third kill and thus, would be picked off shortly after. I pass on presenting double kills because they are trivially easy to obtain.

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