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How to make people MAD in Halo 2

Is screamed at me
Followed by “noob” and other obscenities
I haven’t done a thing to deserve these things

LvUrFR3NZ is probably one of my favourite songs on the Halo 3 Soundtrack and brilliantly reflects on the nature of the gaming community in general. I occasionally pop in to Halo 2 multiplayer matches for amusement and encounter players that take the game a little too seriously. Today, I was playing a team slayer match on Lockout and encountered two players, “A Legit Rawr” and “MerryWhistle116”, whose names, ironically, did not reflect on their manners.

  • In an earlier post, I said that I did not post double kills because they were trivially easy to get. However, some doubles are cooler than others. Bonus points if the double happens to be an entire team consisting of two players who get mad.

Several headshots, beatdowns and assassinations later, I think it was a double kill with a pair of plasma grenades that led them to rage quit, but not before shouting out a bunch of swears in the text chat. Victory in a Halo is dictated by number of kills, not the sharpness of one’s tongue. Thus, I simply continued to decimate them until they finally quit. A few days previously, I encountered a player named “george 1842”. We were playing  CTF on Foundation, and spawned with the battle rifle and sniper rifle. After dying to him several times, I decided that practicality was a priority, and grabbed a rocket launcher. He had 10 kills on me at that point (compared to my one against him). When the match ended, he killed me 18 times, whereas I had killed him 21 times altogether.

  • george 1842 was doubtlessly hoping that his loss would never be mentioned again. For my readers’ amusement, I’ll rub salt in his wounds by posting this screenshot to make his loss more tangible. If a n00b beats you, he’s not a n00b now, is he?

During the entire match, he kept spouting profanities after dying. My response? Kill him some more. Gamers tend to revere the sniper rifle and battle rifle, while forgetting that there are often-times more practical weapons (such as the rocket launcher) on the map. I play as pragmatically as possible in my games for my own amusement: a player who has sunk hundreds of hours into mastering getting headshots getting defeated by a casual player using a rocket launcher is sure to get incensed. I only game on Friday evenings and weekends, as other priorities usually are taken care of during weekday evenings. As such, I game for amusement and to blow off steam.

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