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Team Fortress 2 Minecraft-style

A ways back, I encountered one of the most unusual and enjoyable custom maps in Team Fortress 2. Anyone familiar with Minecraft will immediately find settings of this type to be familiar. This particular map was designed for payload, and remains true to form in both a gameplay and graphical sense. In the case of the former, the map is composed of topographical variability at fixed intervals, creating discrete terrain heights. The terrain type is replicated faithfully by water, rail and grass elements. The overall graphical effect brings Minecraft directly into Team Fortress 2, giving rise to a unique and highly enjoyable game of payload.

  • I’ve been waiting to make this post for a while now. Said game was played back in early February, but I only recently realised the awesomeness of a Minecraft-themed map in Team Fortress 2. See that 8-bit water? It functions like normal water.

  • Individuals uncomfortable with getting headshots can opt to use the Sydney Sleeper: two fully-charged body shots are more than sufficient to dispatch any opponent, except maybe an overhealed Heavy.

  • In the Minecraft map, all players, player created structures, markers and weapons appear as they would normally. All environmental elements, including the landscape and cart, as well as consumables (weapons and health) have a distinct 8-bit effect. Here, a sentry covering me is destroyed after I take down two players from the other team.

  • The cart is brilliantly converted into an 8-bit TNT-carrying platform following the railway tracks on the ground. The map was a little confusing initially, and players can’t jump over certain elements in the terrain, but overall, this map is highly unique, and novel enough to warrant a visit.

I can’t quite remember the name of the server that hosts this, but I do remember that this was one of the first places where I tested out my Strange Sydney Sleeper. Compared to the other primary sniper weapons, the Sydney Sleeper cannot get headshots. Instead, upon accumulating a charge, it will cover the target in Jarate, causing all damage dealt to the aforementioned target to be taken as mini-crits. This makes the Sydney Sleeper an excellent weapon for frontline snipers, allowing them to augment their team’s firepower. However, as I typically play as a long-range defensive sniper, I prefer the Machina, so the Strange Sydney Sleeper has only accumulated 13 kills.

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