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CP Orange

It initially appears to be little more than a plain map with five control points, and a large orange tower in the centre, but on closer inspection, the map is actually a well-designed combination of open space (and on some variants) and closed corridors. This map is called CP Orange, and is a custom map that may occasionally be encountered in Team Fortress 2. It is the perfect place for snipers owing to the open space, and it is not uncommon for team matches to be determined by the skill of their snipers, as well as the daring of their offensive classes to try and actually capture the control points.

  • I encounter some of the more interesting players on custom maps; by interesting, I mean “have impossibly annoying names”. I do virtually all of my trolling against players with names that go “a/an [adjective]”. For instance, I remember squaring off against a problematic player named “And an apple” on the daytime variant on this map and successfully driving them to rage quit after getting a revenge kill against them.

  • There are actually several variations of the CP orange map, including my personal favourite, CP orange night edition. Some servers have a dice mod enabled, granting players various buffs and debuffs. My personal favourites are the homing projectiles, which are a one-hit kill, and the valve rockets mod.

  • Depending on the variant of the map, CP orange also has underground passages. Close quarters classes like the heavy and pyro excel here, as they are capable of restricting the movements of weaker enemies within these tunnels.

Survival on CP Orange is a challenge for any class: a sharp-eyed sniper will be able to pick off almost anyone from virtually any point on the map, except a handful of blind spots. Moreover, stray rockets will probably turn players low on health into bits and more bits. Some servers cap the number of players that can be sniper, so the general strategy is to move quickly into covered areas, and ensure that one’s team is capable of keeping enemy snipers busy (typically by counter-sniping or the careful use of spies).

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