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How to troll in Team Fortress 2

Trolling isn’t always about griefing other players, wrecking gameplay or making players rage quit. By definition, trolling is the provocation of a reaction from other players for one’s own amusement, and as such, can be accomplished in a simple manner without constantly killing other players or being obnoxious in general. Owing to the nature of items in TF2, trading high-value items on a private server with many players can trigger amusing responses from the other players.

  • The first step is to establish the terms of the trade. However, inform the other party that you need to do something before actually initiating the trade, and sign in to a crowded server.

  • Privately hosted servers, such as crit servers and mod servers are actually a good idea, as there are many ‘hardcore’ players who know their ins and outs around the game and its items.

  • Only one of two will need to go into a server: ask your contact to make the trade with you, and the items will pop up in the text chat window. Complete the trade as you normally would.

  • Note how the other players responded to this trade, and laugh at them as they express total disbelief at your luck, and try to convince you to sell the item(s) that you picked up.

Nothing fancy is required to pull off a stunt like this, aside from the odd high-value item and a little bit of patience. Those wishing to carry out stunts like this should also ensure that the map they’re on has a longer match time limit to ensure that the round doesn’t end right as the trade is being completed.

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