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Gundam Unicorn- Black Unicorn Initial Thoughts

Through a bit of luck, I was able to access the early Blu-Ray version of the fifth instalment in Gundam Unicorn. I’ve actually yet to watch the entire thing a second time and get screenshots, but my initial impressions of the episode are predominantly positive. Granted, we hear next to nothing about Laplace’s Box, but a problem from episode 3 is finally addressed when Marida is recovered from the grasp of Anaheim Electronics. Marida acts as the brainwashed pilot of the RX-0 Unicorn Banshee, and engages both Banagher and Riddhe in combat until Captain Zimmerman snaps her out of it.

  • Episode six is projected to be released somewhere in Spring 2013, and as such, will be probably the last thing on my mind as I gear up to write my honours thesis in the final year of my undergraduate program. That said, the conclusion of the episode was spectacular, with Full Frontal and Angelo stepping in to prevent the Garencieres and the Nahel Argama from being turned into Swiss Cheese.

Captain Bright also demonstrates himself as the kind of commander that Sun Tzu wrote to be the most capable; he is able to motivate Banagher and convince the latter to do what he feels is right. As a result, Banagher is able to overcome several of his personal daemons and spends much of the episode involved in awesome stuff, such as saving Mineva from free fall a second time (this time around, it is much more spectacular) and then subsequently pushing the Unicorn’s NT-D into overdrive to link the Garencieres and the Nahel Argama. In doing so, the same psycho-field phenomena that repelled Axis back during Char’s Counterattack was observed.

  • If it is ever released in HGUC 1/144 form, I will buy the Full Armour Unicorn Gundam, despite the fact that I already have the HGUC Unicorn Gundam in Destroy Mode. Chances are, it’s going to cost as much as the Kyshatriya, but with the sheer number of weapons it comes with (I hope it includes beam sabres), it’ll be well worth its price. That said, I’ve seen balance issues on the MG, and for its cost, I doubt I’d be purchasing it.

I’ll get a more serious review out to the website in due course, alongside a stack of high quality screenshots. For the time being, I’m left with a sense of awesome that was imparted from the episode itself: episode six is scheduled for release somewhere in Spring 2013 and will be titled “The Sky and The Stars”, while episode seven was only said to be released “in the near future” and will presumably be titled “Over the Rainbow”, if the proposed art is anything to go by. As of now, I’m not too certain as to how different the OVA will be from the novels. Granted, along this release schedule, I will be finished my undergraduate degree by the time the series concludes. That said, these episodes are released so far into the future that they’re things to discuss, appropriately, in the future.

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