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Ano Natsu de Matteru

When a group of friends decide to make a movie over a long summer holiday, they end up learning a little about filmmaking and a lot more about each other and themselves. What begins as a simple way to avoid the summer doldrums quickly turns into something much more complex, intimate and revealing, as the maturing relationships between the members of the young cast take on new, and sometimes very unexpected, turns.

This is the description of the anime, which has been said to be a successor to Onegai Teacher. Indeed, the entire premise is more or less a template of the original, but the anime itself is set differently, giving the show a feel similar to Halo CE Anniversary.

While testing his high-speed film video camera, first year high school student Kaito Kirishima sees a bright blue light, then an impact has blown him off of his footing and beyond the railings. He sees a hand grabbing his as he fell, bloodied, only to wake up in his futon the next day. At his school, a transfer student named Ichika Takatsuki comes to a third year class. Somehow the both of them has a familiarity with each other when his classmate Tetsurō approaches her and her classmate Remon Yamano, proposing that she joins a movie project he and Kaito are planning. She accepts it without hesitation, and Remon volunteers to write the script. Kaito’s classmates Kanna Tanigawa and Mio Kitahara volunteered later. When Kaito goes to test his camera after class, he finds Ichika fishing in the river. He finds out that she has nowhere to go, so he unwittingly offered her to stay at his house, given that his sister will be away for three months. Back home, as Ichika takes a bath, Kaito felt pain in his neck, then sees a flashback of what happened the evening before. Ichika finds him unconscious, with a sign of increased metabolism on the area where that insect bite was. Ichika then calls for her assistant Rinon to stop it, as she kissed him, Kanna and Kaito’s sister Nanami arrive.

  • The diverse cast add colour to the comedic side of this romance comedy (something I have not touched since Ah! My Goddess). From left to right, Kaito Kirishima  and two of his friends, Mio Kitahara and Kanna Tanigawa.

  • Truth be told, I myself have not seen Onegai Teacher primarily owing to it being outside the genre of anime I typically watch. From what I’ve read, the settings, premise and supporting cast are similar enough, although the backstory is different enough to separate it from its predecessor.

  • Ichika Takatsuki is the female protagonist and is an alien hailing from another planet. She arrives in a similar manner to the female lead in Onegai Teacher, although one episode in, her reason for visiting earth is not explicitly stated yet.

  • Viewers appear to exhibit a sense of nostalgia when watching this anime. As a romance comedy, I’ve found myself laughing at many of the scenes, despite this being this first episode, whether it be Kaito’s imagination being left in overdrive or Kanna’s interactions with Kaito.

  • Nanami Kirishima is Kaito’s older sister and is the latter’s guardian, as their parents have passed away. She cries easily (insofar, to comedic effect), and leaves for a business trip early on. Her absence acts as the catalyst for some of the insane events that will doubtlessly follow in later episodes…

This is my second romance-comedy after Ah! My Goddess, the latter of which I watched back during 2007 in the days of DSL internet. I’ve heard of Onegai Teacher, but have not actually seen it myself. Generally speaking, if this anime is indeed a worthy successor, then it will have brought Onegai teacher successfully into 2012, much as how Halo CE Anniversary Edition breathed new life into Halo CE ten years later. I’ve heard the revitalised Halo has done quite well. Will Ano Natsu de Matteru do the same for the Onegai franchise?

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