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Living Earth HD

I’ve found that some of the best applications for the iOS platform are oftentimes the simplest: as long as an app serves its intended purpose while simultaneously being easy-to-use, it is likely to be successful. One such app is Living Earth HD, a combined weather/clock app set to a depiction of Earth. One can zoom and move the Earth round as they please; upon careful inspection, it is revealed that the app not only models which parts of the Earth are night and day, but real-time cloud data is also provided. Touching the weather icons on the top-left corner will bring up weather forecasts for a 10-day period, including hourly forecasts. Sunrise and sunset times are also displayed, along with the local weather, and the app has the added functionality of an alarm clock with the most recent update.

  • Living Earth HD is one of the most visually impressive and functional apps I’ve purchased. Those arrow keys to either side of the current city I’m looking at will bring me to a set of user-defined favourites. Settings, centre on current location, begin rotation and alarm clock setup can be found on the lower left-hand side of the screen.

  • The app shows real world cloud patterns and city lights on the night side of the world. Users can fully manipulate the globe to view any corner of it, and while there is a zoom feature, it’s a little limited. That said, it turns the iPad into a beautiful digital clock.

This is quite possibly the best clock/weather app available out there for iOS, combining the power of the WeatherEye app with a clean user-interface and the world clock functionality found only on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Contrasting the clocks I’ve previously mentioned, Living Earth HD costs $1.99, but for its price, one is getting an app featuring weather and world-clock functions, alongside an alarm clock. It’s definitely recommended for anyone seeking a serious clock on the iPad.

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