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One year later, one month and counting

While a thunderstorm passes over the region, and having enjoyed spaghetti with Italian sausage and bell peppers, I casually note that today will mark the one year mark since I’ve taken my road test, and that there is one month remaining until the K-On! Movie is released on Blu-Ray and DVD. Typically, when writing, I indicate the significance of whatever point I make, so for those wondering, today simply represents an overlap between something I got done a year ago, and something that is to happen in a month. Now, for no reason at all (actually, because I’m about to finish CLANNAD After Story), here are some CLANNAD wallpapers, and for good measure, some K-On! ones. The ending of the manga was released a while back, and I will use this post to discuss my thoughts to the ending.

  • I will indulge in random milestone posts from time to time and pepper them with irrelevant images, then make trivial comments underneath them about how said images decorate this blog. Technically, CLANNAD isn’t totally irrelevant, as I’m very nearly finished with both seasons.

  • CLANNAD is said to be one of the few anime out there that flawlessly integrate comedy with drama, and can switch between one or the other at the drop of a hat. My interest in the series was piqued by my campaign to replace links on TV Tropes depicting anime settings inspired by real-world locations. I’ve now watched more or less all of the KyoAni works: I think I’ve proven I know what I’m doing, so let’s get started!

  • The K-On! Movie is set to release on July 18th, although those waiting upon the English-subtitled versions will have to wait a little longer to access them.

  • With all the positive reception, the movie will have been well worth the seven-and-a-half month wait. Of late, in between study sessions and physics labs, I’ve taken to reading K-On! The Movie related discussions on various forums; the speculation was all over the place, and fans expressed discontent at being required to wait such a long period for the movie to release. This was back in 2010: with the movie’s release over the horizon, I will resume hitting the books to pass the time…

Having finally read the concluding chapter to the K-On! Manga concerning the Hokago Teatime members and their performance at the university concert. It’s a relatively quiet conclusion to the series for the time being; the Fresh Leaf Girls side of the story will release in the near future. It is most logical that the Hokago Teatime members will reunite with Azusa et al. in the conclusion, although given that K-On! is a slice-of-life type series, there is no real way of ending the series dramatically as one might expect. It follows that the manga has concluded in a satisfactory manner on the university side of things. I’ve heard much vehemence from fans whining about how they didn’t get the ending they desired. The anime has already done an excellent job of wrapping up the series in a proper manner, and the new manga chapters are merely a bonus, so there’s hardly any point in complaining.

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