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The Genuine Companion Cube Pin

The Companion Cube Pin is a promotional miscellaneous item for all classes. It depicts a team-colored portal with the Weighted Companion Cube floating within – an eponymous object from the Valve game Portal and Portal 2. The Companion Cube Pin was given to those who pre-purchased Portal 2 on Steam before April 19, and was awarded from April 15, 2011 to April 19, 2011.

  • In general, genuine-quality items are awarded to those who pre-order a game as part of a promotion. This item quality was originally introduced alongside the RIFT promotion as to distinguish items obtained through participation in a cross-game promotion or an in-game event, opposed to the same items gained via other methods such as random drops or crafting.

  • I wished to have a Companion Cube pin for a simple reason: I wanted a Genuine item. There’s nothing particularly special about the Companion Cube in particular, but it is quite affordable by Warehouse standards and reflects my enjoyment of the Portal series. The Companion Cube pin is inexplicably tied to Otafest 2011: one visitor bore a physical version of the cube during the events. Its significance is not particularly clear to me, but at the end of the day, I have a Genuine item.

Presently, the item can only be acquired by trading. I decided to use the TF2 Warehouse to trade for the item, since it was decidedly simpler than attempting to find another individual willing to make the trade. It took me four months to accumulate enough items to make the refined metal necessary to craft the Familiar Fez, a hat worth roughly 9000 credits at the warehouse. The companion cube costs roughly 7000 credits, so I had enough leftover credits to purchase a few strange weapons, including the Strange Brass Beast, Strange Razorback and Strange Half-Zatoichi, which is a nice bonus. Consider that the Strange Half-Zatoichi was the last one in the warehouse.

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