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The end of K-On! Reprised

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Oh great, yet another random post that’s about K-on!”. Well guess what? I’ve completed the K-On! manga, and I’m here to talk about why you shouldn’t complain about it!

If I were to actually write the blog in such a manner, readership would drop to zero in a heartbeat. Fortunately, this is not the case. Indeed, as per the pre-post blurb, this post is about K-On! once more: the manga drew to a conclusion on June 30, with the Fresh Leaf Girls performing at a spectacular school festival and wrapping up by wondering how things will work in the future. In the original Japanese version, Azusa names the band the Wakaba girls: new drivers in Japan are required to by law to display a green or yellow leaf on their vehicles for one year after they acquire their license. Thus, when Yamanaka-sensei tells Azusa to remove the sticker and drive freely, it’s another mark of progress. Overall, the high school side of things concludes most logically with a successful performance that leaves everyone in awe, although discontent has again been expressed at the lack of a reunion.

  • The Wakaba Girls’ side of the story reminds me of what is to come at the ESD lab- most of the graduate students are concluding their Masters Thesis and will be done their program by September. I’ll be beginning my own thesis project come September, and it will admittedly be quite daunting in the absence of the senior developers I’ve worked with for the past three years.

  • Tenshi ni Fureta yo! remains one of the most iconic songs of the series. For me, the series proper ended with the final episode to season two. The continuation of the K-On! Manga is really more of a bonus than anything, so I don’t really see why people insist that there’s going to be more. That’s like asking, after beating “Mile High Club” in Call of Duty 4, whether or not there will be more levels in that game other than the multiplayer. Granted, yes, two sequels were released, but my point still stands: K-On! has ended here, and whether or not new stuff will release is largely irrelevant.

  • K-On! has practically finished, so the next big post regarding this series will be about the movie, in the form of a review and photo-post if I have difficulty in finding time to write said review.

There is one other event within the manga that might be noteworthy: Azusa’s near natural inclination to play Fuwa Fuwa time is reflective on her emotional ties with Hokago Tea Time. In this case, absence does not make the heart go yonder, and indeed, the Wakaba Girls act as something of a placeholder for her, to provide friendship and continued support. Thus, speculation into the future would probably entail Sumire and Nao’s continuation of the light music club. Some readers have expressed a strong desire to see the Hokago Tea Time become professional musicians with their skills and family-like bonds, and expect that there may be more to come as Azusa enrolls at the Japan Women’s University to reunite with Yui et al. Personally, I have no qualms about the ending: as I have mentioned earlier, life does not merely end at a high point.

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