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The Brass Beast

An antique machine gun made almost entirely of brass, the brass beast bears a striking resemblance to the original 1861 Gatling gun made by Richard J. Gatling. This is the single most powerful weapon the heavy can wield, but the additional firepower comes with a pair of caveats: the spin up time is 50% longer, and while spun up, the user will move at 40% of their normal walking speed. These factors make the brass beast particularly suited for defending objectives at close quarters: a heavy with this will be able to eliminate almost anything that falls behind the crosshairs.

  • I’m more of a high-mobility player, and as such, I prefer the Tomislav over the Brass Beast for most situations. I remember encountering a player who fell repeatedly to my Tomislav, threatened to pull out his strange brass beast on me. Sure enough, several kills and a domination later, he did just that. I conclude his victims weren’t particularly familiar with the WASD movement configurations, as his aim was surprisingly poor. A strange brass beast accumulating kills isn’t particularly impressive, given that it’s easy to do so.

  • Choosing a suitable loadout requires a degree of foresight: players with the brass beast are essentially mobile sentry guns. For instance, players wishing to have more forward offensive power will opt with the shotgun, while players intending on defending a particular target (like a capture point of intel) may do better to equip the Sandvich: a single heavy with a source of health regeneration and ammo is all that is needed to hold off the opposing team long enough to force a stalemate in the worst case.

For all its powers, the brass beast is impractical as an offensive weapon. The weapons massive firepower requires a long spin up, making it difficult to engage enemies rapidly. Furthermore, the near-total loss of mobility while wielding this weapon makes the operator vulnerable to snipers and spies. For these reasons, the brass beast is ideally paired with the conventional shotgun. Opinions of the brass beast change rapidly when the weapon is applied in defensive situations. An operator in a defensible (that is, wall to back, indoors) position with a spun-up weapon will cut down any enemy, even an overhealed heavy with very little effort.

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