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Sakuchu, Enoshima Island: Home of Tari Tari

Enoshima is the setting of Tari Tari. A small island at the mouth of the Katase River, it is part of the city of Fujisawa and is linked to the Katase section of the same city on the mainland by a 600 meter-long bridge. Adjacent to some of the closest beaches to Tokyo and Yokohama, the island and the nearby coast are the hub of a local resort area. As per typical procedure, I’ve provided some comparison shots between Enoshima as depicted in the anime and Enoshima as it appears in reality.

  • The nearest train stations to Enoshima island are are Katase Enoshima station of Odakyu Enoshima Line, Enoshima station of Enoshima Dentetsu, and Shounan Enoshima station of Shounan Monorail. This bridge connects the island to the mainland; Wakana rides her bike along here on multiple occasions.

  • Wakana’s home and her family’s souvenir shop is featured prominently in the anime. Its real-world equivalent serves a similar function and has seen a marked increase in business since the release of Tari Tari.

  • The rocky tide pools are found on the island’s south western side. Konatsu finds Wakana here after asking the latter’s father about her whereabouts.

  • This pavilion is featured twice in the anime: it is first seen when Wakana and Konatsu discuss Kokoro no Senritsu in episode four, and later, the entire Choral and Sometimes Badminton Club convene here to hear Sawa’s plans for the future, that she will be departing to study at an equestrian institution abroad.

It seems almost foolish to state this again, but from these four comparisons, it should be apparent that PA Works takes great efforts to replicate their surroundings. I’m sure it won’t be long before some inquisitive visitor visits the area and finds the school, cafe and waterfront for where the events in Tari Tari happen.

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