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Fall 2012 Anime

Fall 2012 is just around the corner, believe it or not (I personally don’t, but that’s irrelevant), and with it come some brand-new shows. I’m now impossibly far behind on some shows that I’ve picked up a year ago, and I’ll continue to fall behind on said shows until certain important events conclude. Fortunately for me, once said event passes, I should have enough time to finish Ika Musume and see what Kanon is about before lectures resume once more.

A quick glance at the previews suggest that Robotics;Notes, Little Busters and  Girls und Panzer ought to be interesting. As per usual, I may drop and pick up series at random, so my “list of shows I wish to see” may change at any given point. Thus, if I drop a show or not review it, it was something that likely did not suit my interests. I’m not here to waste people’s time by telling them how much something sucked: instead, I’m merely here to say “this is why I think it might be worthwhile.” 🙂

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