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Ribs night

Expectations probably suggest that discussions about the future are dead serious. However, I think it is quite possible to discuss these matters in a relatively friendly manner, especially as the previous evening has demonstrated. I had met up with a few friends from my program, who were discussing their own futures and some of the criteria for application to a medical school and review strategies for the MCAT. We would eventually head over to Kilkenny’s for dinner, where the conversation eventually diversified into various matters on economics, computational technologies and the nature of the HYRS program. Being Wednesday, it was 3 cent ribs night, and our party of three ordered some 110 ribs, alongside some Irish Nachos.

  • If ribs cost 3 cents each, and we ordered a hundred 110 ribs, the overall cost before tax would merely be $3.30. Thus, the individual drinks ordered would cost more than the ribs themselves. At that stage, the ribs themselves are sufficiently substantial to become considered a meal in its own right.

  • Fries can technically be substituted for the waffle-cut fried potatoes, and the potatoes are typically dipped in sour cream or salsa. The melted cheese holds the entire plate together, making for some interesting results when one attempts to pull the fried potatoes apart. For some reason, meat and potatoes always goes exceedingly well together.

110 dry ribs and 11 sauces results in an interesting menagerie of flavours: my personal favourite remains the honey mustard and the tangy BBQ sauce, although after some 20 odd ribs or so, the flavours become less  distinct and the enjoyment process sets way to a Man v. Food style race to finish said ribs before they cool. As an interesting aside, Irish Nachos technically do not have Irish origins. So-called because of their substitution of waffle-cut fried potatoes in place of tortilla chips, Irish nachos are topped with shredded  jack and cheddar cheese, green onions, jalapeños and diced tomatoes. This bar food tends to disappear very quickly with larger parties, and pairs rather nicely with meats like wings or ribs.

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