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Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative

Back on August 16, the developers at Valve released a shiny new co-op update, allowing players to share their own maps. The update also players to test these maps out using a quick-play function, similar to that in Team Fortress 2. However, co-op wouldn’t be co-op without a friend participating, and so, the developers gave to those with Portal 2 a 75-percent off coupon for Portal 2, to give to their friends such that they may also join in on the Festivities. The offer will end on August 30, rendering all unused coupons ineffectual.

  • I’ve discussed in some earlier posts that Portal 2 is phenomenal. Players who’ve newly purchased the game are encouraged to try things out for themselves to truly experience the degree of immersion provided in this game, bringing a hitherto unexplored bit of history about the Half Life 2 universe and the background behind Aperture Science to life. This contrasts the original Portal, which was more about solving puzzles on the promise of cake.

  • I’d figure I’d share this novel parody of the Portal 2 cover art. My usage of Steam has convinced me that digital distribution is generally safe and superbly effective, being more or less the same as going to the store and buying a physical copy if one’s internet is sufficiently fast. That said, the era of awesome cover-art might come to a close.

Shortly after this offer was announced, I received my own coupon to pass to a friend. The purchase process, from what I’ve seen, is remarkably simple. Once a user acquires the coupon, if they have enough Steam funds to purchase the game, they would be able to buy Portal 2 for 5 dollars. This deal is phenomenal, and even if it does not necessarily entice new players to co-op mode, it will nonetheless provide some with the incentive to try Portal 2 out. The game originally cost 20 dollars, and it was a great deal then. At five dollars, there’s really no reason not to hold back.

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