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Another World: Tomoyo Chapter

In an alternative timeline where Tomoya and Tomoyo are dating, Tomoyo becomes student council president, but bad rumors start around the school due to Tomoya’s bad reputation. Tomoyo becomes busy during the school festival, and continues to be so while she attempts to save the cherry blossom trees in town. Tomoya realizes that he is holding Tomoyo back from greater things, and despite both sides being reluctant, they break up. Time passes as Tomoyo’s reputation builds and Tomoya and Youhei watch on the side through her many accomplishments, one of them being ultimately saving the sakura trees by the winter. At that time, Tomoya and Tomoyo meet and talk for the first time in months and they decide to become a couple again.

  • Common to CLANNAD’s regular season, Tomoyo visits Tomoya every morning with the intent of waking him up such that he won’t be late for school. Their relationship is decidedly more cordial than the one depicted in the regular series.

  • Contrasting the other episodes, no over-the-top beatdowns are delivered by Tomoyo to Youhei.

  • I personally do not understand why people place such heavy emphasis on relationships and how these relate to business/academic matters. Here, the vice-president of the student council and teachers act as the antagonising forces, suggesting that Tomoya break up with Tomoyo to allow her to continue with her dreams.

  • Tomoya begins to realise that he should be more self-sufficient, and aims to set his life in the right direction. He eventually secures a job in the city following graduation.

  • Having saved the sakura trees, Tomoyo meets with Tomoya by winter, and vows to be at his side. When he tries to tell her that she has higher places she can reach, she reveals that being with him is worth more than any such place. These words make Tomoya feel that an obstruction in his path has finally been lifted, and he promises that he’ll go to where Tomoyo is too.

Alternate stories bring to mind the Futurama Anthology of Interest episodes that ask a what-if machine a range of questions. In this case, the OVA explores Tomoyo’s path, and a small sampling of how she would relate to Tomoya if the two had actually began dating. What follows is a concise, self-contained story about the trouble they face from the student council and the administration itself, and ultimately, how Tomoya and Tomoyo are able to reunite. Simple and enjoyable, it aired after the regular season of CLANNAD, and some viewers found it to flow a little more naturally than Nagisa’s story at the time.

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