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The Events Of Summer Holidays

It is now during summer vacation, but despite now having been going out for weeks, both Tomoya and Nagisa are still very nervous about it and have not done much to progress their relationship which comes as a shock to their friends. Mei comes back for another visit and after learning of Tomoya and Nagisa’s current stagnant relationship, decides to be their personal cupid of love in order to advance things along. Mei thinks up a whole plan which Nagisa attempts to follow despite it being very embarrassing for her at times. After Tomoya calls Mei out, she runs away, though Nagisa stops Tomoya from chasing after her. With some time left in the day, Tomoya and Nagisa take a walk together while finally holding hands.

  • This entire business of being a couple is relatively new to both Tomoya and Nagisa. From a personal standpoint, the portrayal of their relationship is most realistic. Things are taken nice and slow, one step at a time: in fact, its probably been a few weeks since the ending of CLANNAD and the couple aren’t even holding hands yet, but that is quite normal, contrary to popular belief.

  • The casual observer might be inclined to think Mei is Okazaki’s younger brother, and this is actually explored in After Story to some extent. Mei is a smart girl and likes to see new things, she tends to be very nosy about things and has an opposite personality to that of her brother, Youhei.

  • Incidentally, telling customers that one has hawt gurlz working at their shop is probably one of the more effective, if not underhanded, techniques for boosting business. Said technique results in some events that are off the chain: the Furukawa’s shop is filled to capacity with male customers, much to Aiko’s surprise.

  • Tomoya and Nagisa happen to be my preferred pairing in CLANNAD. The anime makes it clear that Nagisa is Tomoya’s ‘fated person’ in its portrayal of their first meeting, and how subsequent events draw them together time and time again. Thus, a relationship is shown to develop naturally, as Tomoya and Nagisa first become friends, and through their experiences, realise their feelings for one another.

  • I’m told that love is an element of fate, unconstrained by the rigours of logic and reason. That is to say, trying to force such things is probably folly. Even though love is purely a fate-based event, I concur with Lord of War’s You can’t force someone to fall in love with you but, you can definitely improve your odds. 

As per my usual tendency to watch OVAs a ways after the main series, I now find myself in the final few days before term resumes once more. I’ve capitalised on this time to catch up on the CLANNAD OVAs, which I find to be a novel, enjoyable addition to the CLANNAD universe. In addition to depicting more events underlying the series, two of the OVAs reflect on CLANNAD’s origins as a visual novel. I begin with the first of these OVAs, which deals with Mei trying to accelerate Tmoya and Nagisa’s relationship. The end result is a self-contained episode that succeeds in bringing out all of the elements that made CLANNAD successful, including all of the humour that arises from Mei’s intervention, and sets the stage quite nicely for what is to happen in CLANNAD After Story. The same merits that make this OVA standalone also prevents me from going into any more detail about it: the most I can say is that it is preferable to leave relationships to mature naturally, rather than tamper with them. Aside from being fun to watch, the OVA merely acts as a supplementary episode that adds a little to the series proper. Those familiar with CLANNAD will get a kick from this episode, while others may probably see CLANNAD as a happy anime with a unique set of jokes.

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