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Looking back and moving ahead

As my 150th post, yet another milestone, I’d figure I would first thank the 15400 visitors who’ve taken the time to read this blog in the past 11 months. I’ve written enough posts now, such that WordPress has stopped counting the number of posts I had until the next 5n posts, for some positive integer n. This operation, like my website, is conducted by a one-man team without any financial support from advertisements and donations. The past five years I’ve spent on developing the Infinite Zenith have been remarkably fun, and allowed me to put forth my own views of the hobbies I so actively partake in as a counter to the more rigid, disciplined rigours of academics. Having a website allowed me to recall more memorable moments I’ve encountered in pursuits of my hobbies and as such, is very rewarding. For a reader, it means hearing about whether or not a game or anime is worth their while. For me, it means reminiscing about a particularly enjoyable moment that occured while I was engaged in an activity. I write my website and blog with the intent of sharing these moments with both myself and others.

  • The journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass. And then you see it: white shores and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.” -Gandalf, The Return of the King

  • I now enter my final year as an undergraduate student. My interests in anime begin to wane, and as such, I will probably find myself asking why my blog is adjourned with so much anime material when I revisit it years into the future. That said, ‘waning’ does not imply ‘lost’. I still enjoy anime greatly, although I am now more selective about my preferences.

That said, all things are finite. Anime and gaming blogs and websites do not last forever- I’ve seen countless anime sites go offline or fall into disrepair as their administrators direct their attention towards other aspects of their lives. There is nothing problemmatic inherently about having a hobby, but things such as finishing one’s education or raising a family is decidely more important than blogging about hobbies. In most cases, the administrator or contributor would drop off a note concerning their leave taking before riding off into the sunset, so to speak. Websites administrated and written by multiple users are not affected to the same degree, as there are other authors to continue on with the site’s goals, but one-man projects, such as my own, usually disappear into nothingness once the administrator leaves. I would like to reassure the reader that I’m not going anywhere for the time being, although there are certain things happening in the near future that necessitate my attention.

  • Part of the appeal in writing a website or blog rather than being a highly respected forum-goer is that I am free to express my opinions without fear of stepping on any toes that lead to immediate retribution. My disagreement about a particularly poor assessment of the K-On! movie led some nasty fallout, but such a problem doesn’t exist here.

  • As the amount of spare time I have dwindles, I’ve directed at time at doing stuff that has a noticeable, positive impact for myself. Contributing to my blog and having a good time in games is meaningful downtime, as is hanging out with friends. Comparatively, arguing with people on TVTropes and AnimeSuki about anime tropes is meaningless. Several years ago, I did just that on TVTropes and managed to write several good articles, but maintaining the articles against an onslaught of dissenting opinions is too problematic, especially now that the administrators and moderators there have established a draconian system of management and ban contributors at will.

I’ve noticed that as of late, I’m finding increasingly less time to revisit my hobbies and write out my recollections in the same manner as I had at the site’s beginnings back in 2007. Admittedly, I was still in high school when the site first started out, and now, I’m in my senior year of university, a busy time as I gear up to write a thesis project. The amount of spare time avaliable to write out long reviews for my main website simply does not exist anymore, and so, a decreasing number of entries actually will be written. In general, it takes roughly two hours to put a review together from scratch (including the hunt for screenshots), and in the university context, is a good amount of time to get work done. In the past summer, much of my time was directed at studying for the MCAT, and extra time simply was spent blowing off steam in Team Fortress 2 or watching anime. I had very little time to go about completing reviews and found it generally more relaxing to simply engage in the activities. Even after the MCAT ended, most of my time was spent filling out an application and completing a publication, leaving little time to make a reasonable update to my website. With these things in mind, I have decided to formally state that I will be reducing down the number of updates I will make to my website in the near future, making updates there more infrequent. I will not be abandoning the site, nor will I deactivate it: at the very least, I will stick around until the finale to Gundam Unicorn is released.

  • I’ve still yet to review Tari Tari back at the main website. Based on the end date of Tari Tari, midterm dates, the due dates for my assignments and research proposal, I will try to have a review out on the Thanksgiving Long Weekend in October.

  • For those who aren’t sure what my status is, it is simply as follows: this blog will continue to be updated until the next big thing. I’ll follow convention and upload a final post once the day comes, but for now, the content from here will keep coming.

As for this blog, I will continue to post as I used to: I created the blog to discuss matters that were out of my website’s scope, and those are decidedly easier to write than the reviews found at my website. Moreover, WordPress is a little easier to use than pure HTML5, so it is easier to format reviews and discussions and post them more quickly than it is for my website. WordPress is popular for its convienience, and I am able to capitalise on making posts from the iPad if required. For those who disapprove of my small operations, I hate to be the eternal harbinger of bad news, but the Infinite Zenith and its derivatives are here to stay. For everyone else, happy reading!

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